Sunday, September 30, 2012

Math and Literacy Fun with Apples!

We are spending 2 weeks learning about apples! Here is some of our fun from math and literacy centers!


It was SO fun learning on our IWB!  At this center, the children clicked on an apple and wrote the letter that was underneath.  If there was a worm, they could write any letter they wanted!


At the listening center, we listened to a book about a field trip to the apple farm.  The children drew in the Listening Center journals about something they might see at an apple farm.


At this center, the children are practicing beginning sounds and correct letter formation.


Here they are rolling a dice, reading the sight word, and writing it on their paper! The children already know so many sight words! Thank you for working with them at home on their sight words!


Here we are using apple scented play dough to stamp the beginning sounds of the picture on the card. Thank you to Hailee’s and Coral’s family for making the play dough for us!



At this center, the children pulled an apple from the basket, and found the apple on their page with the number of dots that matched the number.


At this center the children practiced measuring with non-standard units – in this case, apples!  They even had fun measuring each other!



We work on patterns every day! Most children can easily make AB patterns now! Encourage your child to look for patterns in the “real world” and to make patterns at home!


At this counting center, the children chose an apple count the dots and write it on their paper.  You’ll see counting pages like this throughout the year.  The “novelty” or clip art will change through out the year, but the concepts and skills remain the same.  We are working on 1:1 counting (saying one number for each object we touch), number writing, quantity, and number identification.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Measuring ourselves and Zero the Hero!

I managed to snap just a few pictures of our fun on Friday!  It gets so busy I am not always able to capture everyone!


Zero the Hero left us Froot Loops!  We counted 20 on our 10 frames (Friday was the 20th day of school!) and made them into a necklace.  Great counting and fine motor practice!



Have a mentioned how much a love your kiddos!?  They are such a great group of learners and so kind!  We’re going to have SO much fun this year!

Science is a BLAST!

Did you hear that your child is a scientist?!  YES! We have been observing, wondering, recording and learning all about science!

We had our first science experiment last week, and it was a BLAST!


Whoa! It went higher than the school!!

You can try this experiment at home with mentos and coke! (We used diet coke so it is not as sticky). 

When exploring with science at home, encourage your child to ask questions and wonder how things work.  In Kindergarten science, it is all about inquiry!  Let them get messy and explore!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

We made delicious snacks after we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Your child brought home the recipe – have you made it yet?  This is a great activity for following directions and sequencing.  Here are some shots of the learning fun:


I found the Alphabits cereal at Hugo’s on 32nd Avenue. BUT, you could also use alphabet cheeze-its or alphabet cookies! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Calendar Time!

We started our calendar books at the beginning of September.  The children are doing a fantastic job!

When they come into the classroom, they complete their morning jobs (unpack backpack, put their communication folders in their mailboxes, make a lunch choices, and sign in) they grab their calendar binders and get ready to start the day!

In September, we start our calendar time with an alphabet song that is very repetitive.  The children have the song in their binders and practice tracking print (pointing to the pictures and letters) while they sing the song.  This really helps the children learn all of their letters and letter sounds! 


The children do each page in their calendar binders with me as I complete the pages on the interactive white board. We focus on many math skills during this time – the skills will become increasingly more difficult as the year progresses and the children learn more and more!

Click {HERE} to listen to the song we sing!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our First week of Math Centers!

We started math centers this week! The children did a great job!  This week we will also add our literacy centers!


We counted the stars on each animal and write the number on our sheet.


The children practiced their cutting skills and put the puzzle back in order.


At this center, the children are rolling the dice, counting the dots and tracing the correct number.


Here the children are rolling a shape dice, saying the name of the shape and using dobbers to dob the correct shape.


At this center, the children painted circles with marshmallows! How fun!