Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkins Math and Literacy Centers

We LOVE math and literacy center time!  Here is what the children are working on this week:

The children choose 3 matching pumpkins and put them in abc order.


We used our interactive white board to pull letters out of the pumpkin to build our sight words.  SO FUN!


The iPads are great learning tools! Here the children are using an app called Little Writer to practice correct letter formation.  This is a free app, so if you have an apple device, go download it!

(On a side note, if you know of any great FREE learning apps, please let me know!)


The children go to the listening center each week.  This week they are paying close attention to the SETTING of the story.


The girls are practicing reading and writing their sight words! The kids are doing a great job learning their sight words!


At this math game, the children are rolling the dice (they’re getting really good at instantly recognizing the dot formations!) and putting that many cubes on a “ladder”.  When all of their ladders (1-6) are full, they can color in a pumpkin and start again!



We are getting quite good at patterns! This week the children are practicing AABB patterns.

We practice patterns every day during calendar time.  Be sure to ask your child what the pattern CORE is!




This week we started working with number words!  The children matched colored pumpkins and wrote the number and number word.IMG_4819

Spinning a spinner, counting the pumpkins and writing the number on a pumpkin!


We practice counting  1 to 1 every week! Here they are counting the “seeds” in the pumpkin!